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Why choose Birmingham

Birmingham City Council is Europe’s largest local authority, serving England’s second city. With an annual spend of over £3billion, we’re working to make Birmingham a vibrant, economically successful place where everyone can thrive, regardless of who they are and where they happen to live. It’s not just about supporting vital regeneration schemes that bring jobs and prosperity (although that’s critical). It’s about looking after everyone throughout their lifetime, from birth, to education, into the workplace and beyond.

To be the Council we want to be, we’ve embarked on an improvement journey, supported by our Finance department. In short, we’re building a new kind of Council to deliver a brighter future for Birmingham. On the way, we’ll be playing an integral role in all kinds of high-profile events and projects, from the 2022 Commonwealth Games to HS2. That means our Council is an incredible place to be, with new leadership, a highly knowledgeable team, purpose and vision.

We are the kind of Council that values and trusts its people to make change happen and achieve our objectives.

Our goal is to make a positive difference to people’s lives by focusing on the following priorities: making Birmingham an entrepreneurial city to learn, work and invest in; an aspirational city to grow up in; and a fulfilling city to age in. In short, we want this to be a great city to live in at every stage of life. We also want this to be a city that plays a leading role in tackling climate change and where people will really benefit from the upcoming Commonwealth Games and their legacy. But we can’t do it alone – partners are essential.

Our financial situation remains challenging so we need to move from directly delivering services to enabling partners to do it with us. We must visualise a new future for the city and equip others to share it through strategic leadership. We want to ensure the provision of decent services for all, so we can focus on supporting those least able to support themselves. And we’ll put citizens and neighbourhoods at the heart of our decision-making.

The Council’s interim CEO, Chris Naylor, has identified four key areas which we’re now addressing to push Birmingham up the ranks of the world’s greatest cities.

We’re increasing the scale and pace of growth in Birmingham in a way that’s environmentally sustainable and which benefits every area of the city.

We’re moving away from dealing with the consequences of societal issues and towards addressing root causes such as poverty and low income.

We’re making sure everyone knows we have their best interests at heart. After all, the changes we’re making, for example to become the UK’s greenest city, will directly affect residents’ lives. People need to know they can trust us.

We do more than balance the books in the finance team. We invest in the city. That’s why we’re focusing on the value of what we do ethically and morally – as well as financially.

Meet our new interim CEO, Chris Naylor.

He happens to be a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA), which means he’s a great advocate for the  big plans we have for the finance team.